Get that quality output you need in no time
without wasting valuable resources.
IT House offers outsourcing solutions which provide you with various fields of expertise you need to improve the productivity of your business.
Outsourcing assigns a portion of your resources and functions to a third-party provider so the remainder
can be distributed more effectively. This also gives you a ready pool of knowledge to supply your business with products and services you may need, thus eliminating the trouble of strenuous and expensive in-house training. 
“They say that price is associated with quality. Not for IT house - quality is higher.”
(Quote from Stian Larvik, Odfjell Drilling Norway)
About Us

IT House started in 1997 and is aimed at the production and hosting of websites. They entered the market at a great time, causing the company to develop rapidly. They’ve also engaged in a dozen other opportunities laid before them, including the development of the first electronic telephone online. This was before
Additionally, IT house produced the ticket portal E-Tickets. Today, as, it continues its business with a capacity of 160,000 tickets sold in hours from their website. A concert in the park could be sold in just 15 minutes.
IT house is probably best known for its flexibility and the diversity of its clients and projects ranging from one-man companies to multinational corporate entities.
IT House serves its customers from its offices in Denmark and the Philippines, but naturally makes up for a meeting regardless of location if the need arises. Office and production in the Philippines is manned by Danish staff - 3 resident Danes, 1 Swedish, and more than a dozen Filipino employees.
Scripting Language

PHP 4 / 5, ASP, HTML, Javascript, AJAX,
Drupal, Flash Actionscripting 2.0 / 3.0
Application Programming

C/C++, Pascal, Java, VB6, Delphi
dotNet Development
Microsoft Visual C# .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, MS SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, Transact-SQL, ADO.NET,  WinForms

Linux (Any flavor), Windows 2000 /2003,
Apache 1 / 2 , IIS, Mirage Mail Server,
Postfix Mail Server, Sendmail Mail
Server, MySQL 4.X / 5.X , MSSQL,
Web Frameworks / CMS

CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Smarty,
Silver Stripe, Mambo / Joomla, Drupal,
Postnuke, Drupal
Shopping Carts / BB / Blogs

OSCommerce, Cubecart, Multicart
PHPBB, MyBB, Invision Boards


Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
PPC,  Adwords, Adsense, Overture,
Email Marketing Campaign
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash,
Adobe Premiere Pro, Director,
Payment Gateways
Linkpoint, Webpay, OnPay, WorldPay,
Paypal, 2Checkout
Other Outsourced Services
Offshore Office Staff, Virtual Assistance,
Call Center
Case Studies

Greenlight Properties & Resources, Inc 
Programming, website design, on-site photoshoot and photo editing 
Odfjell Drilling Technology
Programming for Norway’s largest oil rig company
Programming of website, auction system and billing interface, website and logo design.
Programming of website and real estate module, website and logo design.

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